Al Harbi is the firm of choice for anyone seeking legal advice and support in relation to construction projects and concessions, as well as construction disputes.

Whether in negotiations of a construction-related joint venture or consortium, drafting, perusal or adaptation of standard construction agreements, enforcement of protective/guarantee covenants or settlement of a construction dispute, our team of skilled construction law experts is highly qualified to provide specialized legal assistance.

Our experience in construction law stems from our close work with some of the major contractors as well as engineering service providers, and encompasses:

  • Providing support in the negotiation and organization of the relationship between the different parties involved in projects at hand such as consultants, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, project managers, etc.
  • Drafting and/or adapting construction contracts including standardized forms of agreements such as without limitation FIDIC based contracts
  • Assisting and advising contract managers with the interpretation and implementation of legal provisions stipulated in construction contracts and other project related agreements
  • Providing legal support and assistance in respect of application to tenders and bidding procedures
  • Providing legal representation in construction related disputes and arbitration.

Startups and entrepreneurs are usually the ones with unique ideas and potential. The only thing they lack is proper legal supervision and consultancy. We can help your business grow within the legal parameters.